Pack of 100 pcs Crush-Proof Phthalate Free non-PVC Plastic Ball Pit Balls in 5 Colors – 3.1″ Air-Filled – Guaranteed Crush-Proof

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Standard Duty, Home Grade!!! These balls were designed & built for normal household environment w/ less abusive usage in mind. These balls were not suitable for any commercial operations and/or for players weight over 80 lbs which will void the stated warranty. * These balls were soft & yet durable, safe enough to last for years of usage in a lesser demanding home environment. Each ball was tested to withstand over 90 pounds of weight. * Manufactured exclusively for CMS using 100% non-PVC Virgin(non-recycled) PE Plastic Material, both Phthalate* Free & Lead Free. (*Phthalate, a chemical additive used to rubberize PVC Blended Plastic, has been identified to be a health concern to children & adults). For kids with tons of energies & just want to have fun! And, for the parents (or grand-parents) who would not object to chasing after a few balls, this one (or 500) is for you! 😉 * Backed by a 90 Days Replacement Warranty, guaranteed against Crushing (Denting is normal, will return back to original shape), Cracking or Deformation, or your Money Back. ***** Beware of the less expensive 2.5" balls, as you would need twice the count of the smaller 2.5" balls, or 65% more in numbers of 70mm balls in order to fill the exact same volume filled with these larger 3" balls. (see chart) ***** Other quantity packages available on standard home grade balls (for home use only), please check Amazon listings: * for 100 Balls = ASIN# B00AN2S9K8 * for 150 Balls = ASIN# B00AN3IH68 * for 200 Balls = ASIN# B00AN3L7B0 * for 300 Balls = ASIN# B00AN3PILK * for 400 Balls = ASIN# B00AN3URDY * for 500 Balls = ASIN# B00AN3Z73E ***** For Commercial usage, please order the Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Ball Pit Balls listed separately thru Amazon list ASIN# B00AMJC7RI ***** If you have questions, please contact seller for details

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