Ball Pit Balls 100pc Commercial Grade

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Manufactured with Phthalate Free; Lead Free, non-PVC, 100% virgin(non-recycled) PE Plastic Materials, 3.1/8" diameter (meet US Government Small Parts Regulations for kids 3 years and under) in 6 bright colors. These balls were fully compliance with all applicable US children's Toy Safety Standards. Larger 3.1" balls also provide you twice the volume/mass as the 65mm(2.5") balls, and 60% larger volume/mass than the 70mm(2.75") balls. These 3.1" balls would save you money overall. High Grade Commercial Quality pit balls are durable and strong. Will dimple in extreme cold temperatures but then return to original shape when temps reach 65 degrees. Multi-colored balls come in Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange and Purple. These balls are also known as crushproof. Crushproof means the balls will not crush when stepped on. They are however, not indestructible. They will crush if run over by a car or deflate if punctured with a sharp object. These are the same balls used by many fast food restaurants in there play houses.

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